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Penile Implant surgery in New Delhi, India

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Penile Implant surgery in New Delhi, India

The cost of Penile Implant device is not covered by insurance however the cost of the surgery hospital stay medicines et cetera are covered by some insurances and terms and conditions apply

Penile Implant surgery is very safe. There is no bleeding during surgery, there is no need for blood transfusion, there is no need for any ICU stay. The patient is discharged in one or two days without any problem. After discharge patients can walk around on their own and Do all normal activities. After one month they can start having normal intercourse.

Penile Implant surgery is not painful. After the surgery, for two or three days , there is slight pain which is easily controlled by oral medicines.

Yes Penile Implant surgery is MRI safe. What this means is that people who have Penile implant can undergo the MRI without any problem. The penile implant is in the lower part of the body, so in any chest, shoulder, neck MRI there is no problem. When MRI of the pelvis is planned, only thing is that the patient has to inform the radiologist about the presence of Penile Implant in the body because if they do a normal MRI, the image will get distorted. So if they make certain settings in their MRI, even with the implant, the pelvic MRI pictures will come clear.

Penile Implant is a silicon rod which is highly flexible and rigid at the same time. It is inserted inside the penis in people who have erectile dysfunction problem. With the help of the implant whenever they want to have sex they can make the implant straight and the penis becomes straight and they can have intercourse and after intercourse they can bend a penis down and so the implant is totally concealed.

When the Penile Implant is inserted inside the penis, the penis becomes rigid and hard enough for having satisfactory intercourse. So it works by curing the ED problem in patients who are not benefiting from other treatments like medicines.

Penile Implant surgery is a simple and safe procedure if done by an expert. Patient is given anaesthesia in the lower part of the body and laid flat on the operation table. We clean the surgical area with antibiotics solution and then drape the patient.
A small transverse incision is made in the scrotum and the scrotum is incised in layers. And with proper retraction and a section we reach up to the corporeal bodies taking care that the urethra is not damaged. After reaching the corporeal bodies we make an incision on them and dilate the corporal bodies to make space for the insertion of implant. After adequate dilatation of the core Pura a measuring device is inserted into the core Pura to measure the exact length of the corporal bodies. The size of the corporal bodies is measured precisely to determine the length of the implant. We use 2 rods which are inserted into each of the corpora.
After the implant inserted inside the corporal bodies the incisions over the corporate bodies are closed with suture. after that scrotal layers and the skin are closed in layers. Compression dressing is done. Patient was kept in the recovery for about one hour and then shifted back to his room.

The duration of Penile Implant surgery is about 45 minutes. The length of stay in the hospital is two days. After two days the patient is discharged from the hospital and is able to do all his normal activities. He can join work after five days. He can start intercourse after one month.

The cost of Penile implant treatment varies and depends on the quality of implant used. By and large, the cheapest implant is the Indian malleable implant and the most expensive implant is the three piece inflatable implant.

Which Penile Implant is the best is not the correct question because all Penile implants are good. The right statement could be that Penile Implant is the best treatment for severe ED which is not responding to oral medicines. All the implants have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Let us discuss all the implants one by one. The Indian malleable Implant by Surgiwear: the advantage is that it is the cheapest implant available in India. Also, the Indian implant gives a very strong rigid erection.
• Disadvantage of Indian implant is that it is less precise, less malleable (bendable) and has slightly higher chance of infection as compared to the American implants.
• The Indian malleable implant is an excellent choice for people who suffer from severe ED and are not able to afford the American implants.
The Titan Coloplast Genesis malleable Penile Implant: this is the American malleable implant available in India. In my opinion, this is the best implant because of the following reasons:
It is made up of very high-quality material, it’s very precise, very malleable ( bendable) so it is very concealable, Even if the patient wants to hide from the partner that he has got the implant then he can do so. The partner will not get to know that the patient has had the implant. It gives good quality erections when it is made straight, it is very easy to use, failure rates are almost nil. It has very low chance of infection, so it is the safest implant in diabetic patients.
Disadvantage of Titan Coloplast implant is that it is more expensive than the Indian implant, Also after titan Coloplast implant, the penis never goes back into its totally non-erect state.
Ams Ambicor 2 pc inflatable Penile prosthesis.: this implant has two parts the cylinder and the scrotal pump. When the patient wants to have erections they can squeeze this scrotal pump and water will go into Penile cylinders and the penis will become erect and after intercourse they can get the water back into the scrotal pump and the penis will become flaccid and in a totally non-erect state. The advantages of the 2 Pc Implant are that it is cheaper than the 3 pc inflatable implant and the penis gets into the totally non-erect, flaccid state after intercourse.
Disadvantages of the 2 Pc Implant are: the rigidity is lesser than the three piece implant, it has higher chances of infection as compare to the Titan Coloplast malleable, so it’s not recommended in diabetic patients. Since it has mechanical parts, it has chances of implant failure.
AMS Cx and AMS LGX 3 piece inflatable penile implants: In this implant there are three parts the penile cylinders, the scrotal pump and a retro pubic reservoir.
In normal state the penis stays in a non-erect flaccid state. When the patient wants to have intercourse the scrotal pump is pressed by a button and the water which is stored in the retro pubic reservoir flows through the pump into the penile cylinders. once the water reaches the penile cylinders, the penis becomes erect and firm. After intercourse again this scrotal pump is pressed and the fluid passes from the cylinders, goes through the scrotal pump and into the retro pubic reservoir where it is stored. And the penis gets back to a totally flaccid non-erect state.
The advantage of the three pc inflatable penile implant are: the penis gets into the totally non-erect, flaccid state after intercourse. Also it gives a better quality erection as compared to the two piece inflatable implant.
Disadvantage of three piece implant are as follows: it is the most expensive implant. It has more parts so higher chance of a non-failure. It is a more complicated process of surgery so higher chances of infection. The three peas implant is totally contraindicated in patients who have diabetes.

You should come to our centre the blue ribbon prostate clinic for your Penile implant surgery as it is a specialist clinic for Penile implant.This Penile implant clinic is situated in Delhi, the capital of India. The advantage of penile implant in Delhi is that Delhi is a metropolitan city. It has international airport where flights from all over India and outside India come directly. The most of the languages of the world are spoken and all types of cuisines are available for food in New Delhi India. The chief implant surgeon here is Dr Ashish Sabharwal. He did his training in Penile Implant surgery during his 3 year fellowship in USA at university of Miami, so the protocol is exactly how it is carried out in United States of America. We are doing one of the maximum number of Penile Implants done in any centre in Delhi or India. The whole team is used to the whole process of Penile implant starting from the pre-admission preparation , the admission Protocol, the surgical team, the post surgery care and the discharge process are all very streamlined for Penile Implant surgery.

When the patient suffers from erectile dysfunction and is not able to have intercourse with his partner, we should first try oral medicines. In some patients, the medicines are not effective or the medicines have side-effects or the medicines are contraindicated, For example in cardiac patients the medicines are contraindicated if patient is on organic nitrates.
In all these conditions of severe ED in which medicines are not helping patients should consider Penile Implant surgery because after Penile Implant surgery there is 100% guarantee that the patient will get erection that is strong enough for intercourse.

In cases of severe ED there is 100% guarantee that after Penile Implant surgery, the patient will be successful in having satisfactory intercourse with his partner.
Also the patient can maintain the erection for as long as he wants. The erection will be maintained even after he gets the orgasm and discharge because the erection is totally mechanical and in control of the patient.

Diabetic patient usually suffer from severe ED. The blood supply to the penis is blocked due to sugar deposition in the blood vessels. This makes the diabetics unable to achieve erection strong enough for sexual intercourse. Diabetics with ED requires aggressive treatment. Just medicines are usually not effective. Severe ED treatment usually requires diabetic patients to get the penile implant. For diabetic patients, the best implant is the malleable implant.

Many patients who suffer from ED, think that there penis has shrunk. So once they start having satisfactory intercourse after the Implant, they also feel there is penis enlargement . There is a misconception that after the implant the penis become small. The penis never becomes small after Penile Implant. The only reason for the penis to become small after Penile implant surgery is that sometime the implant is not fitted well or a shorter implant has been used, and this causes the penis to become short.

First of all we should be very clear and diagnose if the ED is psychological or due to some organic problem. Usually if somebody is having ED only with one partner and normal erection with another partner or getting a good early morning erection but not able to have intercourse or somebody who has good erection during masturbation but not able to have intercourse, these are patients of psychological ED and they will be more better treated by counselling and behavioural therapy. They do not need Penile Implant. There is another set of patients who have persistent ED with no early morning erections and no erections during masturbation or with any partner. When we do the Penile Doppler test in them , The result is totally normal and there is no vasculogenic ED. This means that the blood supply for them is normal but still they are not able to have erections. This can happen when the nerves are damaged. So based on the Penile Doppler, they will be told that they are suffering from psychogenic ED but actually it is not psychogenic ED. It is a neurogenic ED in which the nerves for erection are damaged. These patients will benefit from Penile Implant treatment. Penile Implant on x-ray: the penile implant has very minute quantity of metal and is not detected by x-ray scanners in airports. Penile Implant versus injections: if the oral medicines are not helping to achieve a good direction, Penile Implant is the best treatment. Injections of prostaglandin are also an option but they are not recommended because they are painful, every time we put an injection in corpora it pains.Also in the long run, Penile injections cause fibrosis of the penis leading to development of curvature of the penis also making subsequent implant surgery difficult. Penile Implant risk of infection: Infection is a real risk when we do Penile Implant surgery. There are many precautions we take in our practice to prevent this infection. Pre-Implant preparation: • There should be no skin infection In the perineum • There should be no active urine infection • The diabetes should be under control There are 2 things you should start about 3 days prior to arriving At our centre for Penile prosthesis: • betadine scrub bath to be done twice a day for 3 days and • antibiotics ( Tablet Levoflox 500mg once daily ) to be started 3 days before the surgery. During surgery, we always sterilise the theatre for at least 30 minutes before we do work in oil implant surgery. We use a no-touch technique in which surgery is done through the Ionian drape and only the incision site is exposed to the environment. The intelligent side is totally cut off from the surrounding perennial skin which is the more main source of infection. Before surgery we do a 10 minutes betadine scrub by the surgeon, assistant and the patient. We keep the patient in the hospital for two days just to give good antibiotic coverage and keep the patient under close watch. We follow the patient regularly even after discharge of the patient.
Penile Implant life:
Penile implants are very durable. They have a company warranty of 10 years but they work for more than 20 years usually lifelong.

Penile implants are very durable. They have a company guaranty of 10 years but they work for more than 20 years usually lifelong.

The best surgeon for Penile Implant surgery is the one who has special interest in Penile Implant surgery and is a certified urologist and andrologist. Dr Ashish Sabharwal did his penile implant training at University of Miami USA. He has done a three year fellowship in and do Urology and robotic surgery at University of Miami USA where there were many penile implants also done during his fellowship. It was a very high-volume centre because in Miami a lot of Cubans went in for an Penile implant surgery because they had young wives and they wanted to remain sexually active. Also in USA the implant is covered by Medicare so cost was not an issue for those patients.
Dr ashish sabharwal return to India after his training in 2011 and after returning he has been doing the maximum number of Penile implants in New Delhi. he is also a certified trainer of the Boston scientific for Penile Implant treatment. He is regularly doing all types of implants that is, the Indian malleable implant, the American malleable implants Titan Coloplast Genesis and the AMS spectra, also the American inflatable implants like the AMS two piece Ambicor inflatable implant and the AMS 3 piece inflatable AMS CX and AMS LGX.

The blue ribbon prostate clinic in New Delhi is doing one of the maximum number of Penile implants in New Delhi. All types of implants that is, the Indian malleable implant, the American malleable implants Titan Coloplast Genesis and the AMS spectra, also the American inflatable implants like the AMS two piece Ambicor inflatable implant and the AMS 3 piece inflatable AMS CX and AMS LGX are being done here.
As such, the Blue Ribbon Prostate clinic is one of the best Penile Implant clinics in New Delhi, India.

  • • Malleable Penile Prosthesis
  • • 3 piece inflatable Penile Prosthesis
  • Both implant types are custom fitted to your body and allow you to have a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse. Your sensitivity and ability to ejaculate are not affected. The primary difference between the two penile prosthesis types is that flexible malleable implants produce a permanently firm penis, while the 3 piece inflatable penile prosthesis produce a more natural erection.

    Malleable penile prosthesis

    Unique features:

    The malleable implant consists of 2 rods that are placed in the corpora cavernosa. There are no further parts to this implant. To have an erection, you only need to hold the penis and move it to the erect position. When you are finished with the intercourse, you return the penis to the non-erect position.

    3 piece inflatable penile prosthesis

    The inflatable penile prosthesis is a self-contained, fluid-filled system made from Bioflex and silicone. As the only penile prosthesis with a true lockout valve located at the base of the reservoir, the penile implant is designed to mimic the look and performance of a natural erection. With the 3 piece inflatable penile implant, cylinders are lying flaccid in the corpora; patient inflates the cylinders by pressing the pump bulb in the scrotum.
    One can control the firmness by pumping until he is satisfied with the erection.

    Unique Features:
    Maximized Girth and Rigidity – ensures better erections by providing maximized girth and rigidity compared to other cylinders on the market. Sizes range from 11 cm to 28 cm.
  • • Natural Appearance – The non-bulky, low-profile pump design ensures a natural appearance when the penis is flaccid.
  • • Confident Operation – Easy to locate inflation and deflation pads in the scrotum help you confidently operate the device when you’re ready for sexual activity. This ease of use also decreases the need for repeated physician visits for prosthesis training.
  • • Easy one-handed deflation – The pump allows for easy one-handed deflation of the device, while the unique Lock-out™ valve is designed to prevent auto-inflation.
  • • Innovative cloverleaf reservoir design allows for surgical placement with a smaller footprint, while the implants hydrophilic coating promotes easier device implantation.
  • • Superior Mechanical Reliability Rates: Recent studies have shown mechanical reliability rates of 97.5% after five years on first-time implants.
  • • Lifetime Replacement Policy: these implants provide a lifetime replacement policy with all of its penile implants. The inflatable implant, or any component, can be replaced for any reason during your lifetime.
  • AMS700 AMS 700™ LGX Penile Prosthesis: The only penile implant on the market with cylinders designed to expand in girth and length of up to 25%
    AMS 700™ CX Penile Prosthesis: Controlled expansion cylinders optimize girth and offer additional length options

    Coloplast genesis

    The Genesis malleable penile prosthesis not only offers simplicity for surgeons, but also offers a simple solution for patients with finger or hand dexterity issues, hand muscle fatigue, limited reach and range of mobility.


    Titan ⒸTouch inflatable penile prosthetics is a self-contained, fluid-filled system made from Bioflex and silicone.


    This pre-filled, pre-connected device eliminates the need for a separate reservoir, resulting in a two-piece designed for ease of placement.

    Titan Touch Inflate/Deflate animation
    Actual Titan Touch Penile Implant Inflate/Deflate Patient Demonstration

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