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Wilson Muchenje

Patient name: Wilson Muchenje

Country: Zimbabwe

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

Treatment : Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

Patient Experience:

” My Robotic Prostatectomy Experience under Dr Ashish Sabharwal When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of 2017, it was a very stressful time for me and my family. Additional worries came from the fact that I have other co-existing medical conditions for which I am undergoing treatment. These had the potential to complicate my suitability for surgery, as well as post-operative recovery.

My doctors in Zimbabwe advised me that the best procedure for my condition was robotic prostatectomy, which is not available locally. Through online searches, I made contact with Ashish Sabharwal, a consultant specialist urologist who performs robotic surgery in New Delhi and who works in Apollo hospital, New Delhi.

I emailed him my blood test results, prostate biopsy histology results, as well as reports of ultrasound, CT and MRI scans. Together with my wife who is also a medical doctor, we discussed with Dr Sabharwal our concerns about the procedure and my likelihood of developing complications related to my other medical conditions. He assured us that on arrival, I would be re-assessed and stabilized by a multidisciplinary team prior to having robotic prostatectomy.

His team supported us well with our preparations and they provided invitation letters for visa applications. We were also given general advice about travelling to India, down to the expected weather and the type of clothing that we should bring.

We arrived in New Delhi on 29 January 2018. We were received at the airport and transported to Apollo Hospital in New Delhi for immediate admission. Everything was so well-organized that we saw the surgeon for my initial consultation within an hour of arrival. That same evening, I was seen by other specialists. Pre-operative blood tests and other relevant investigations were done as required to prepare me for theatre the following day.
As my medical attendant/companion, my wife was allowed to stay in my cubicle for the entire duration of my admission in hospital. She was provided with full board, including meals. The following morning, on 31st January 2018, I had successful robotic prostatectomy. Unfortunately in the post-op period, I developed complications which were directly related to my other pre-existing medical conditions.
These were promptly and effectively managed by the multidisciplinary medical and nursing team. I made good recovery without need for high dependency care or intensive care. This only prolonged my post-op hospital days to four days instead of the standard two days.
Throughout that time, we were kept well-informed about everything that was going on, as well as my treatment plan.
After discharge, transport was provided to a guest house near the hospital. I was reviewed by Dr Sabharwal as an outpatient on alternate days. On my last review, which was 10 days after the operation, Dr Sabharwal told me the good news that he had received my histology results. These showed that all the cancer cells had been taken out and that there was no spread outside the prostate gland.
I was given a very clear post-operative care plan before I left New Delhi. I have easy access to Dr Sabharwal by phone and email. All my enquiries are quickly addressed.
I really received excellent and professional service at every step of my care. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with prostate cancer , or indeed any urological condition to Dr Ashish Sabharwal.”