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Best Robotic Urologist in India

Urology is the main medical speciality where there is a big role of Robotic surgery. Robotic surgery can be used for reconstructive procedures like robotic Pyeloplasty and robotic re-implantation, and Uro-oncology treatment including treatment of prostate cancer, urinary bladder cancer and kidney cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatment:

Robotic surgery that is robotic radical prostatectomy is the gold standard for treatment of prostate cancer. The 3-D vision and the flexibility of the robotic arms assist in doing this complex surgery very easily. The anastomosis of the unary bladder with the Uttara after removal of the prostate is done very precisely with the use of the robotic equipment preventing urinary leakage after the surgery.

Kidney Cancer Treatment:

Robotic radical nephrectomy and robotic partial nephrectomy. We do not have to remove the whole kidney in case of all kidney cancers. In many cases of kidney cancer we can remove the cancer and save the kidney, this is facilitated by the robotic technology. When the kidney cancer is very large, then the whole kidney has to be removed.

Bladder cancer treatment:

In case of unary bladder cancer the whole bladder is removed and we can create a new bladder with the help of report robotic technology or we can you create a opening in the tummy through which urine can pass.

Robotic lymph node dissection:

by the robotic technology we can remove the lymph nodes of the tummy. These include the external iliac lymph nodes , the obturator lymph nodes and the internal iliac lymph nodes.

Robotic Pyeloplasty and Robotic Reimplantation:

In both these conditions, the diseased segment of the ureter is cut out and removed out of the body and the healthy ureter is joined end to end either with other part of the ureter or with the urinary bladder. This reconstructive part of the surgery is very much facilitated by the robotic instruments.

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