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Back to the future !

In 1994, I started my MBBS course in Calcutta where we used to go to mortuary and do anatomy dissection on dead bodies, and today after 25 years, I reentered the cadaver Research lab at Ramaiah medical college, Bangalore as tutor to train urologists how to do Penile implant on Cadaver. @ 100 delegates for pre congress penile implant workshop at the south Asian society of sexual medicine conference SASSM 2019, Bangalore.

Dr Ashish Sabharwal was invited as FACULTY at GPSCON 2019

Dr Ashish Sabharwal was invited as FACULTY at GPSCON 2019 to chair a session on “how not to miss cancer :with emphasis on early diagnosis and prevention of prostate cancer “
Risk factors for Prostate Cancer
Get you Prostate checked now !

Age more than 55 years and African and African-American population have high risk of developing prostate cancer.

Having more red meat and high-fat dairy increases risk of prostate cancer.
Six healthy habits that prevent Prostate Cancer are as follows:
1. eating more tomatoes
3. less processed red meat,
5. not smoking,
7. exercising,
9. eating fatty fish and
10. having a body-mass index of less than 30.

Get your Prostate Check up Now !!
You should definitely consult Dr Ashish Sabharwal now. Do PSA test and Digital rectal exam for early diagnosis of prostate cancer.
He is senior consultant urologist, andrologist and Robotic Prostate surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi and director of Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, Karol Bagh , New Delhi.

Dr Ashish Sabarwal Is A Certified Doctor For Robotic Surgery In India

We are happy to inform that the American Company for Da Vinci Robot : “the intuitive surgical” has made Dr Ashish Sabharwal the certified proctor for robotic surgery in India.
It means that If there is any hospital in India that starts robotic surgery program they may officially seek Dr Ashish Sabharwal help to teach them how to do Robotic Prostatectomy for prostate cancer.
Right now there are only 2 certified proctors in India and Dr Ashish Sabharwal will be the third one.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery

CME On Prostate Cancer Held At Karol Bagh On 8th September

Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic in association with IMA Karol Bagh branch organised a CME on prostate cancer on Sunday 8 September 2019. In the CME, Dr Ashish Sabharwal discussed the causes of prostate cancer, the risk factors for prostate cancer, Prevention of prostate cancer, signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. Dr Sabharwal also discussed the various treatment modalities for prostate cancer including robotic radical prostatectomy for treatment of prostate cancer.
This CME was well attended by 65 doctors.
After the CME, there was a question and answer session in which all the doctors actively participated.
There was also uroflowmetry and PSA testing for all the doctors who wished to do it.
20 doctors did their PSA testing and uroflowmetry test absolutely free of cost.
We thank I am a Karol Bagh and all the doctors who participated for making this year me a grand success.

Dr. Ashish Sabharwal Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery


Nominated Dr Ashish Sabharwal as the honorary chairperson of the committee.

It’s an honour for us to inform you that the Members of Board of Directors of Rotary Club of Delhi have chosen Dr Ashish Sabharwal to represent and take up to serve as the Hony. Chairperson of the Committee.

The rotary club identified Dr Ashish Sabharwal as one of the best talent in leadership and management who were not only successful in their respective vocations but carried a tremendous love for Rotary and a commitment to work for the cause.

Community Avenue of Service :

1) To discuss and finalise the committee plans for the forthcoming Rotary year.

2)To ensure active participation and involvement of the team to make the committee effective and productive.


Hope 2017talk12

Recently Dr Ashish sabharwal gave a talk on “Urinary Problems in Elderly“ at the 16th Annual Caregivers Meet for Alzheimer’s Diseases patients
Organised by HOPE EK A.S.H.A (Regd 2001)

Held at Constitutional Club of India , Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Key highlights are:

1) Urinary problems are very common after age 50years

2) Common symptoms include:

  • Increased frequency of urination, specially at night
  • Urgency and leakage of urine
  • Reduced urinary flow 
  • Inability to empty the bladder completely 

3) Affects 50% of Elderly males.

4) Urinary Problems are not a normal part of ageing.

5) 80% cases, the cause is not a major disease and can be controlled by medicines.

6) 20% of cases , it can be due to Prostate Cancer, Urinary Bladder Cancer or Kidney Cancer, that needs to be treated.

7)  When someone has urinary complaints , they should not ignore it and have themselves examined by a Super specialist Urologist.