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Penile Implant surgery cost in New Delhi, India

Dr Ashish Sabharwal is a Urologist, Andrologist and Robotic Prostate surgeon in New Delhi India. He has done his Training at University of Miami, USA. In this page, we will give you complete information regarding the Penile Implant surgery cost in New Delhi, India. The Indian penile implant is the cheapest penile implant in the world. To book an appointment contact us.

The Cost for Penile Implant surgery in India depends on following factors:

  • 1. The type of implant: the Indian malleable implant or the Shah implant is the cheapest and the American AMS 700 3piece inflatable implant is the most expensive.
  • 2. Medical Insurance cover: If the patient has got medical insurance, then part of the cost of the Penile implant surgery is covered by insurance.
  • 3. Medical fitness of the patient: If the patient is healthy fit and thin, and he does not have any medical problems like diabetes and hypertension, then the cost for Penile Implant surgery and hospitalisation is very low. If patients are elderly with medical problems like obesity or uncontrolled diabetes or uncontrolled hypertension then there is prolonged hospital stay and then the cost for Penile Implant surgery will be higher

The average cost for Penile Implant surgery in India is as follows:

 Type of Implant  Cost in USD  Cost in INR
 Indian implant or Shah Implant  2500  1,50,000
 American malleable Coloplast Genesis  4000  2,50,000
 2 pc inflatable AMS AMBICOR  8000  6,00,000
 3 pc inflatable AMS 700  12000  8,50,000

  • The above-mentioned cost includes cost of surgery, hospital stay for two days and all the medicines and Anesthesia charges while in hospital.
  • It does not include the pre-operative tests for evaluation and it does not include home medicines.
  • If somebody is suffering from any other medical problem like diabetes and we take opinion from specialist, that cost is not included in the package.

Is Penile Implant surgery covered by medical insurance?

  • We accept all private medical insurances.
  • For Penile Implant surgery to be covered, the medical insurance should be at least two years old.
  • Hundred percent of the money is never covered in insurance.