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Know about kidney cancer treatment in India

Are You Suffering from Kidney Cancer?

Your kidneys are small (about 11cm in length), located in your abdomen on either side of your spine, and help to excrete waste produced by metabolism into the urine. The kidneys help your body stay in balance, or homeostasis. But there are problems that can occur with the kidneys, and unfortunately, the incidence of kidney cancer may be increasing.

Diagnosing Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer CT Scan Dr Ashish Sabharwal

Kidney cancer CT Scan Dr Ashish Sabharwal

If you are in the early stages of kidney cancer, you may not know it yet because the signs and symptoms are very subtle. If your kidney cancer has progressed, then you may notice some symptoms like blood in the urine, constant pain in your back or side, unexplained weight loss or fever. If you have any persistent symptoms that worry you, you need to make an appointment with a doctor.

If your doctor suspects that you may have kidney cancer, they will order blood and urine tests. They may also do a CT scan or MRI. If they find a lesion or tumor on your kidney, then they will figure out what stage you’re in: Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, or Stage IV. This is determined by the size of the tumor and whether it is contained within the kidney or spreading to the surrounding areas.

Types of Kidney Cancer Treatment in India

Have you been diagnosed with kidney cancer? This can be a very stressful thing to hear. No one wants to hear that they have cancer, and planning the next steps can be difficult. But when you have a treatment plan in place, you can rest assured that your doctors have it under control. Kidney cancer is very treatable in its earlier stages. With good treatment, your cancer could go into remission!

Kidney Cancer Treatment by Robotic Surgery

Kidney cancer Patient Testimonial

Robotic Surgery is a common treatment for kidney cancer. Your surgeon’s goal is to entirely remove the tumor and get your kidneys back to their normal function. In some cases, they can just remove the tumor and leave your kidney intact. In more severe cases, the affected kidney may be removed entirely. The type of surgery they recommend will be based on the stage of the cancer and your overall health. In many cases, you won’t need drugs or radiation after kidney cancer surgery. We do Robotic Radical Nephrectomy and Robotic Partial Nephrectomy for Kidney cancer treatment in New Delhi, India.

Nonsurgical Treatments for Kidney Cancer

Cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation are also common treatments for small tumors. With cryoablation, the surgeon uses cold gas to freeze and kill the cancer cells. With radiofrequency ablation, the surgeon uses an electrical current to heat up and kill the cancer cells. These options are both nonsurgical and less invasive than surgery, but they may not work for everyone.

Treating Recurring or Late-Stage Cancer

Recurring or late-stage kidney cancer may require drugs or radiation to control it in addition to the surgical or nonsurgical treatments discussed above. It may not be fully treatable, but it can often be controlled with good treatment.

Support for Those with Kidney Cancer

There are a few things you can do to improve your prognosis and maintain a good quality of life, even in the midst of a difficult cancer diagnosis. Here are our suggestions:

  • Learn about the disease and treatments. This way, you can make informed decisions about kidney cancer treatment in India and you can understand what is happening to your body. You’ll feel more in control and more confident, which is good for your mental health.
  • Take good care of yourself, mentally and physically. This means doing activities that you enjoy, eating healthy and nutritious foods, getting exercise if possible, and getting the help you need.
  • Have a support network of friends and familyYou don’t have to share every detail of your illness, but spending time with loved ones and getting help and support from them is a great thing to do.

Finding the Right Kidney Cancer Specialist in Delhi

An experienced kidney specialist is the right person to help you treat kidney cancer. They will have a range of the latest treatment options and experience helping others who were in a similar situation. They will be able to figure out the best treatment plan for your individual needs, and they’ll be able to support you through the process so that you have the best chance for a positive outcome.

Go to the Best Kidney Surgeon in Delhi!

At Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, we care about all of our patients and we are committed to helping you regain your health. Dr. Ashish Sabharwal is an experienced kidney cancer specialist and has helped countless people who suffer from kidney disease. To learn more, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Kidney Cancer Treatment in India

In some cases, kidney cancer treatment is able to leave both kidneys intact. But in other cases, to treat your cancer and restore you to health, we may need to remove the affected kidney. The answer depends on your individual case and the severity of the tumor.

Each cancer case is unique. However, there’s a simple rule of thumb: the earlier you catch the kidney cancer, the better. The prognosis is very good if you are diagnosed in Stage I, and survival rates are high. But if you are not treated until the cancer has reached Stage 4, then it will be much more difficult to treat and control.

Kidney cancer, also known as renal cancer, is a common type of cancer. Kidney cancer becomes more common with older age. It is also more common in those who smoke cigarettes, those with high blood pressure, people with obesity, people with a family history of kidney cancer, and those who are exposed to certain chemicals in the workplace, such as cadmium and some herbicides.