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Tactra penile implant in India

We will give full details and costing of TACTRA Penile implant in India. Dr Ashish Sabharwal is a Senior Consultant Urologist, Andrologist and Robotic Surgeon in New Delhi India. He has trained at University of Miami, USA. He has more than 20 years of Experience dealing with all kinds of Male Urological Problems. Dr Ashish Sabharwal has performed the most number of Penile Implants in India (New Delhi) for the best erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi. Dr Sabharwal is one of the few doctors in whole of India who perform TACTRA Penile prosthesis in India.

What is the Tactra Malleable Implant?

It consists of a pair of bendable cylinders that are implanted in the penis.

What are the advantages of Tactra Malleable Implant?

1. Natural Erection Feeling:

Natural feel of Tactra Implant

It has a dual layer silicon construction which gives a very natural feel to the penis. This is because silicon is a metalloid and it gives a firmly hard feeling penis (just like natural erection). It does not give an unnatural bony hard or stony hard erection.

2. Patient comfort

This implant has soft rounded silicon distal tip. The soft around active helps in providing maximum comfort to the patient

3. Concealability:

The Tactra implant has an articulating flex zone which gives excellent conceal ability and helps in bending the implant and maintaining it in the bend. This implant is very easy to hide under clothes. And then at the time of intercourse he can manually make the implant straight in erect position and have sex.

4. Rigidity or hardness of Tactra Implant

Rigidity or hardness of Tactra Implant

The implant has a nitinol core (Nickel- Titanium Alloy) which provides excellent rigidity.

Because of the powerful nitinol core, the column strength is 6.1 lbs. which is equal to 5.5 times the requirement for vaginal intromission.

5. Durability

Durability of Tactra prosthesis

The cylinders were cycled 0-90 degree bend for 100,000 operating cycles without mechanical failure.

This is equivalent to the expected useful device life of 20 years!

The Nitinol Core on the implant

Tactra Penile implant has got a proprietary core of 7 nitinol wires gives a great balance of:

  • Axial rigidity for predictable penetration
  • Malleability for easy positioning
  • Shape memory for excellent concealability
  • Excellent durability of more than 20+ years


The duration of surgery is about one hour and usually it is a day-care or a one-day admission for the surgery.

A vertical incision is made along the natural skin crease and the implant is inserted inside the erectile bodies or the corpora cavernous.

The penile implant surgery is performed under spinal or general anaesthesia.

Recovery is quite straightforward. There is only very mild pain or redness in the operated area after the procedure.

Light office work can be started after 2-3 days and heavy work and exercise after four weeks.

You can start having sex after 4-6 weeks


This is a malleable implant, so very safe and very low chance of infection.

We take special precautions so that there are no infection during the penile implant surgery.

Dr ashish sabharwal is the most experienced penile implant surgeon in India and one of the top implant surgeons in the world.

So do not be scared about the Tactra Penile Prosthesis.

When you are coming to Dr Ashish, you know you are in safe hands

What is the cost of TACTRA Penile implant in India?

The total cost of TACTRA Penile implant or Tactra penile prosthesis in India is Rs. 2,50,000 or USD 3500/-.

This is full package cost including cost of surgery , hospital stay , hospital medicines and Implant cost

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