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Know about Penile doppler test in Delhi

When to do Penile Doppler test?

This is a test done to diagnose the cause of ED. It should be done in all patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, specially if patient is less than 40 years and suffering from ED.

What is Penile Doppler test?

penile doppler test in delhi

Penile doppler is an Ultrasound test of the blood vessels of the penis.

Patient should be relaxed during the test. If he is too anxious, the test report will not come accurate.

Patient lays flat on the bed and then ultrasound of the penis is done without any injection.

When we do the Penile Doppler ultrasound without injection it will diagnose Peyronie’s disease or Peyronie’s calcified plaque, penile fracture and any penile tumour or cancer.

If we are doing the Penile Doppler test for erectile dysfunction treatment in that case the test is always done after giving the papaverine Injection. Injection papaverine is injected into the penis at a dose of about 45 to 60 mg. The injection is given via a very thin needle, so its painless. This injection increases the blood flow into the penis.

Penile Doppler test in Delhi

After injecting, patient is asked to wait and try to self-stimulate himself to increase the blood supply of the penis and after that a repeat ultrasound of the penis is done to see the blood velocity of the penile blood vessels.

The cavernous arteries dilate more than 60% after the injection. The arterial diameter increases from 0.3mm to 0.5mm in normal state to as large as 0.8mm to 1mm. and the blood flow increases in these arteries.

We measure the peak systolic velocity (PSV) of the penile blood vessels, which is more than 30 ML per second in normal state.

In arterial obstruction, the peak systolic velocity (PSV) is Less than 30 ML per second.

The other important thing which we must see is the end diastolic velocity (EDV) which is less than 3ML per second in normal condition. If the EDV is more than 3ML per second it means, there is Venogenic impotence or venous leak.

Penile Doppler test in Delhi

Penile Doppler test results (findings in different problems) :

 Arterial blockade  PSV<  30ml/sec
   Arterial Diameter < 0.8 mm
 Venous leak  EDV > 3 ml/sec
 Neurogenic ED  Normal study
 Psychogenic ED  Normal study
 Peyronie’s disease  Calcified plaques
   Bent penis
   Curved Penis

Is Penile doppler test safe?

Penile Doppler test is very safe. There is no major risk.

There is no risk of bleeding or infection. There is no problem in erection or urination or having baby in future.

However, there is one thing we must be careful when we are going in for Penile Doppler test.

After getting the papaverine injection, the patient can have prolonged erection of more than three hours (Priapism). If there is prolonged erection for more than three hours, you should immediately go to the urologist who will use some special tricks to treat the priapism.

Is Penile Doppler test painful?

Penile Doppler test is not painful. Penile Doppler test is basically an ultrasound of the penis so there is no pain during the procedure. The only painful aspect is giving the injection of papaverine into the penis, which is done through a small needle. But the needle is very thin just like a very-very small pin (24gauge or 26 gauge) so it is not painful to get the injection.

Why choose Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic for Penile Doppler test in Delhi?

This is one of the few centres where penile Doppler test is done in close coordination with the urologist. Sometimes after penile Doppler test patient develops priapism (prolonged erection) so if patient has done a Penile Doppler in a diagnostic centre then there is no urologist there to take care of the patient. But in Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, Penile Doppler test is done in close coordination with Dr Ashish Sabharwal. We keep the patient in our centre till the erection goes away and if there is any problem, then Dr Ashish is available 24hours to take care of that problem. So, if you are planning to do Penile Doppler test in Delhi, always consider Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, New Delhi, India.

What is the cost of Penile Doppler test is India?

We offer a comprehensive package of Rs 5000 or USD 100/-

This package includes pre penile Doppler consultation with Dr Ashish Sabharwal who will explain everything about the test. After that, patient will do the Penile Doppler test and then repeat consultation with Dr Ashish Sabharwal , who will discuss in detail the results of the Penile Doppler test and also tell you the best treatment for your particular problem based on the results of the penile doppler test.

This cost also includes treatment of any complications that might occur due to the papaverine injection like Priapism (prolonged erection more than 3 hours).