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Prostate cancer treatment in India for international patients

Admissions Walk Through

  • Request from patients is received with brief history and current medical problem and treatment.
  • Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic - Urology expert will work on it and provide relevant treatment information to the patient.
  • Counseling of the patient done by Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic - Urology expert for the appropriate treatment / package.
  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • We will send Visa invitation to the patient and the attendant.
  • Patient will go to his embassy and apply for the Medical Visa.
  • Once patient gets the Medical Visa, they book their tickets to New Delhi International Airport.
  • Confirmation of date and time of arrival by the patient.
  • Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic team will organize Accommodation/Hotel Booking.
  • Complimentary airport pick up facility by Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic International Executive/ team will be provided.
  • Admission of patient with planned treatment at Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic.
  • Patient is discharged after the proper treatment
  • At the time of discharge, patient is advised by the doctor for follow up assistance for future appointment scheduling after discharge.

What Sets Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic Apart?

Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic is a Men’s Health Clinic specializing in prevention, evaluation and treatment of Urologic Disease Specially Prostate Cancer .

Dr Ashish Sabharwal heads it. He is Board Certified in Urology. After his residency, he went to USA to do a highly coveted Endourology and Robotic Prostate Surgery fellowship in Jackson Health System, Miami, Florida, and USA.

Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic is affiliated with NABH and JCI accredited world-class multispecialty hospitals like Apollo Hospital and Fortis Hospital.

Dr Sabharwal established the Urology Centre of excellence and the Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, where he is offering all the advanced treatments that where being done during his fellowship in USA.

He is the most experienced Prostate Specialist for treating prostate cancer and enlarged prostate.

The Clinics has the goal to provide the world class care at an affordable cost.

We are routinely taking care of International patients from across the world and are fully aware of the requirements of international patients. At Blue Ribbon Clinic we are committed to giving each patient the personalized attention and world-class care helping in speedy and full recovery with minimal complications.

1. Our executives are caring, skilled and dedicated to your needs to make your stay efficient and unperturbed. He will assist you in navigating through the Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic systems, scheduling appointments with the most appropriate Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic Urology experts, facilitating language interpreters & understanding your cultural expectations.

2. Post your visit to Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, your coordinator will be your one point of contact for all future communications. Please contact to schedule a medical appointment or to receive more information.

3. Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic International Clinical Co-ordinators : To make certain the best of clinical services for you, Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic has a care management team of experienced international care nurses and a senior-level physician. This team works closely with the international care coordinator and Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic’s clinical team.

4. Patient Education: The care management nurse constantly educates and updates the patients on their condition and improvements. She holds the educational sessions & informs the patient and attendants on future course of action.

5. Discharge: Once your attending physician announces the Discharge, The international care management nurse will tack together discharge plans with other members of the Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic 's international team. The team takes care of your needs & requests while finalizing the discharge. 

6. The International patient services team ensures that at the time of discharge you receive the right information and education, available translated materials, all consolidated bills. The team will also discuss & plan your follow-up visits and future treatment needs in your home country.

7. Clinical Equipment : The patient management team will arrange for you all the necessary clinical equipment, such as a Stretcher or a wheelchair,Private Duty Nursing At your request, the patient management team can arrange a private duty nurse or a sitter with medical background. 

8. Ambulance and Transportation : If you cannot commute on a normal vehicle & need a medically equipped vehicle, the care management team will arrange ambulance.

9. Your Billing Guide: Our dept. of International services will help you with all kind of financial Informations like preparing estimates, understanding the bills, provisional bill generations, verifying insurance coverage vis-a-vis SCOD policies and collecting payments.


Why Us

1. India is emerging as a preferred healthcare destination for patients across the globe. In fact, medical tourism has earned a prominent position in statistics related to tourist influx as well as revenue generation for the services sector.

2. India is considered a highly effective centre for specialized  treatments specially Prostate Cancer Treatment and Robotic Surgery.

3. World-class services at affordable cost: International patients come to India for treatment because of the world-class facilities available here at affordable costs. Moreover, there are no waiting lists or queues to baffle patients or their families. You get immediate attention and assistance. 

4. Skilled and well-qualified doctors: Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic Urology Experts  are well known throughout the world for their skills and research. This Clinic  offers you the services of some of the world's highest-qualified medical professionals along with top-class biomedical facilities.

5. Customized services: Here, patients can avail healthcare benefits in facilities varying in size from small, specialized clinics to large, multi-specialty hospitals. India's offerings are classified into a range of categories that can suit every budget and every need.

6. Use of latest technologies: Indian hospitals are equipped with highly advanced equipment and use latest technologies to offer sophisticated medical services that are easily comparable to those offered by developed countries.


Growing Trends: 

As per estimates, around 1.7 lakh foreigners fly to India for medical treatment every year, to avail world class personalised healthcare services. Indian hospitals meet international standards of cleanliness and hygiene and their top-class infrastructure suits the needs of patients coming for treatments such as Prostate Cancer Treatment and Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer