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International Patient Care for Prostate Cancer Treatment in New Delhi

presidential affairs minister of Zambia with Dr Ashish sabharwal

Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic doesn’t just treat locals. We offer prostate cancer treatment in New Delhi, India for patients from United States, the Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and more places. People from all over the world choose us for our superior service!

Reach Out to Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic

The first step to getting treatment from us is requesting our services via email, WhatsApp, or the Contact Us page on our website. We’ll need some of your medical history, including what treatments you’ve tried so far. One of Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic’s urology experts will then work with you on finding the best treatment option for your situation. We’ll counsel you on everything that goes into your treatment plan, including the duration of your hospital stay and the out-of-pocket exense.

Schedule Your Robotic Radical prostatectomy in India

If you’ve decided on international prostate cancer treatment from our New Delhi clinic, you’ll need to prepare for travel. The first thing you should do is get a medical Visa for your trip to India. When you’re working with the Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic, we’ll help you with the application process, so you have one less thing to worry about.

We will need to send you an invitation letter for your medical Visa. You’ll have to provide us with certain records and information including:

  • Scans of your passport and the passport of anyone who is attending with you
  • Your relationship with the person who’s attending with you
  • The location of the Indian embassy where you will apply for the Visa
  • The name of your referring doctor and the hospital where they work
  • Your email address

After you receive your letter from us, you can go to the embassy to apply for a medical Visa.

Reserve Your Accommodations

After you have your Visa, you can book your flight. Your end destination will be the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. You should let us know the details of your flight and forward your ticket to us. We will arrange your pick-up at the airport. This is a complimentary service courtesy of our International Executive Team.

Our assistance doesn’t stop there. The Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic team will help you book your hotel and organize any other accommodations you need. We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible! There are many options for hotels and guesthouses available starting as low as 30 USD and going up to 100 or 150 USD. There are also some guesthouses available where you can cook your own food, so you can feel a little more at home.

We know how vital it is for you to stay in touch with your loved ones during treatment. Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic does everything in our power to make this happen. We’ll help you activate local Sim card in Delhi so that you can all get low-cost air time, Wi-Fi, and 3G connectivity.

Discharge and Follow-Up

Our service doesn’t stop after you’ve completed treatment and been discharged. Dr. Ashish Sabharwal will keep following up with you while you’re still in India. Then, once you’ve returned to your home country, Dr. Ashish Sabharwal will continue communicating with you via WhatsApp or email.

We know that once you’re back in your home country, the idea of going back to India for a follow-up is daunting. We want you to focus on recovering from your robotic radical prostatectomy in India in the comfort of your own home. That’s why Dr. Ashish also visits many patients in their own countries for follow-ups. Because of this ongoing personal service, the prostate cancer treatment cost in India is well worth it!

Reach Out with Questions

If you still have questions about getting your prostate cancer treatment in New Delhi, India, reach out to Blue Ribbon Prostate Clinic. Our experienced staff gives you the best chance of making a full recovery and provides you with personalized service for your peace of mind.