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Phimosis treatment in New Delhi, India

Phimosis treatment in Delhi

Dr Ashish Sabharwal Urologist, Andrologist and Robotic surgeon in New Delhi India gives full information regarding the Phimosis or tight foreskin problem and its treatment by stitch-less ZSR Stapler circumcision.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is Phimosis?

  • What are the complications of Phimosis?

  • What is the treatment for Phimosis or tight foreskin?

  • Which is better: ZSR circumcision Vs. Conventional Circumcision?

  • What is Phimosis?

    Is a condition in males in which the foreskin of the penis is tight. The foreskin is covering of the glans of the penis. In phimosis, The foreskin cannot be retracted back to uncover the glans. Also, many times if the foreskin is retracted forcefully during erection, it will stay back and will not come to its normal position. This is called paraphimosis.

    What are the complications of Phimosis?

    1. Problems with urination: Because the foreskin is covering the tip of the urine passage, Some patients with phimosis complain of reduced urine flow or difficulty in passing urine or pain while passing urine.
    2. Problems with having intercourse or sexual dysfunction: The common problems with phimosis are: 1.Erectile dysfunction2. Difficulty in having intercourse 3. Pain while having intercourse 4. Bleeding from the foreskin5. Cuts in the glans and the foreskin during intercourse due to stretching of the tight foreskin
    3. Recurrent urinary infections and sexually transmitted diseases: Since the foreskin doesn’t open, we are not able to maintain hygiene of the glans penis and that is why patients suffer from recurrent urinary infections or higher chance of having sexually transmitted diseases. Many patients also develop swelling of the foreskin and the glans known as balanitis or Balanoposthitis. It is seen that circumcised patients have lesser chance of urine infections and STD’s.
    4. Paraphimosis: Sometimes during sexual act, the tight foreskin is pulled back over the glans and it gets stuck and forms a ring behind the glans. The glans and the foreskin swell up and we are not able to pull the foreskin back over the glans penis. This is called paraphimosis. Paraphimosis is a surgical emergency and it has to be reduced as soon as possible, otherwise it can cause problems.
    5. Penile cancer: Some patients due to the long standing phimosis, patients are unable to clean the glans and they suffer from recurrent urinary infections and Balanoposthitis. The constant irritation Of the foreskin and the glans due to these infections can sometimes cause Penile cancer. It is seen that the Jews and the Muslims who get circumcised in the childhood never suffer from penile cancer!
    6. What is the treatment for Phimosis or tight foreskin?

      In infants and children, the penis skin is soft and it can be retracted under local anaesthetic cream by light pressure. In adults there is no medicine to cure the Phimosis. The only treatment is Circumcision.

      Circumcision can be done by two methods:

      • 1. The conventional circumcision in which we cut the tight/ extra foreskin and then stitch the cut ends.
      • 2. The ZSR circumcision which is bloodless stitch less Circumcision using staplers.

      ZSR circumcision in delhi

      For full information on ZSR Circumcision Live surgery watch my video

      Which is better: ZSR circumcision Vs. Conventional Circumcision?

      The ZSR Circumcision is better because:

      • Shorter time of surgery
      • Lesser bleeding
      • Lesser pain
      • Lesser swelling
      • Lesser infection
      • Quicker healing

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