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Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena

Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena

Date: November, 2014

Country: Nigeria

Diagnosis: Salvage Radical Prostatectomy

Treatment : Salvage Radical Prostatectomy

Patient Experience:

” I am sharing my experience so that men over forty years would see the need for regular medical checks especially their Prostate Specific Antige(PSA).
It was first in 2013 when I went to Fortis Escort Hospital, New Delhi for a comprehensive medical checks.
The major report I got was my elevated PSA for which prostate biopsy was recommended and carried out. The results showed no cancer. I was however advised to repeat the biopsy in 6 months.
At exactly the 6th month, I went to Dallas, USA for a second opinion. Again my PSA remained elevated. Another biopsy was recommended and carried out. It was from the biopsy results that doctors told me I would, in about 10 years from that date be down with cancer of the prostate. Treatment options were suggested to me.
I loved the care, and professional competence of Dr. Ashish at Fortis Escorts. So I chose to return to India to be handled by Dr Ashish.
I returned to India in late 2013 for treatment. As in the USA, several treatment options were suggested by Dr Ashish. He talked about a new procedure, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). This procedure does not involve removal of the prostate. A new procedure, the doctor didn’t know it has high failure rate. I underwent HIFU and in few weeks my PSA went down. However another check of my PSA about 8 months afterwards showed, painfully, elevation.
In late 2014,I went back to USA for further evaluation. Doctors in the USA criticised the HIFU procedure and concluded that its failure rate is so high the use is not recommended in the USA. Their second opinion was that having undergone HIFU, that prostatectomy was no longer possible. That the only option left for me was treatment by radiation.
I contacted Dr Ashish from the USA and shared my ordeal with him. First he apologised for recommending HIFU and confessed he found out after me about the failure rate. He however assured me he is an expert in robotic prostatectomy that I would be fine as soon as I find my way to India.
In November 22, 2015,I returned to India with my wife, always as my attendant On November 28,2015,I underwent nerve sparing robotic prostatectomy by Dr. Ashish at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. The procedure, took about 7 hours. I had no fever afterwards, less bleeding and got discharged after two days. I had to stay in the hotel close by and was coming as outpatient for about 10 days before the catheter could be removed. Urine incontinence lasted for few months and recovery sexually took over 14 months.
Histology results showed my prostate was already 5% cancerous but confined(not spread). I was declared cancer free.
Ever since my PSA has remained at 0.06ng/ml(even as at 7th February 2018). I recommend Dr Ashish for anyone requiring prostatectomy.