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Testimonials Of Our Patients

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Dr Ashish Sabharwal has performed over 2,000+ robotic prostate surgeries. Below are only some of the success stories of his patients.

flag-of-IndiaShashi Jindal | India

My father in law who is 74 years old had a tumour in prostate which was operated by Dr. Ashish Sabharwal at Apollo hospital Sarita Vihar. He explained the treatment procedure and it's side effects in detail. He excels in robotic surgery. Post surgery also he explained about the exercises and other precautions. He is feeling healthy and amazing now. May God bless Dr Ashish with a long and happy life to serve the people. We r very happy with the treatment given by him and sincerely thanx him. He was discharged on 03/01/2020.

flag-of-NigeriaLaura Okolo | Nigeria

The robotic procedure is a milestone in medical practice. I thank God who has used Dr Ashish and his team to bring hope to the hopeless. The professionalism,devotion and commitment in this sector of the phenomenal Indian medical tourism needs to be emulated by others.

flag-of-NigeriaTajudeen Aigoro | Nigeria

I know Dr, Ashish through my family Doctor in Nigeria. I was operated by Dr, Ashish at Apollo Indrapastra Hospital in India on July 1st 2018 for Enlarged Prostate Cancer using Radical Robotic Surgery The surgery was a success without any complications. I overcome my continence within three months, however, it took about 11 months before


flag-of-IndiaAnuj Khandurie | India

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Ashish as our surgeon, he was very prompt, precise, cooperative, approachable, clear & best advisor we could ever imagine, his indispensable guidance from start to finish during my father's prostate robotic surgery was remarkably exceptional, everything happened as per pre-defined procedures & apparently we embarked towards success. Now my father is fit and stress free just because of Dr. Ashish's systematic approach & treatment. Moreover, he's patient friendly and always responds to the queries despite of being super busy.

flag-of-IndiaTarlok Singh | India

Exactly one year ago, I was so worried about my prostate cancer. Randomly I have searched on Google and found Dr. Ashish Sabharwal's name on top and I contacted him. I have done the Biopsy earlier also n faced so many problems but my second Biopsy was so greatly done by him and further done the MRI and PSMA PET scan and at last the main


flag-of-ZimbabwePachawo Mutize | Zimbabwe

Airport reception was very good. First consultation with Dr Ashish was excellent. Medical tests and laboratory work was well organized and timely. I was ready for surgery 3 days after arrival. Surgery was painless and no post surgery complications or pain. Discharged after 3 nights. Nursing staff was very attentive and courteous.


flag-of-IndiaNavin Aggarwal | India

I am very thankful to Dr Ashish Sabharwal for make me prostate cancer's free. He is so nice and experienced Dr. Specialist of Prostate cancer Robotic surgery. He has operated me on 12/7/2019. I am recovering now. This is a greatness of him that any one can contact him on his WhatsApp no. and he immediately reply you. I again appreciate his kindness. I recommend him to every patient of urology and prostate treatment. He is a great Dr. God bless him.

flag-of-ZambiaEustace Bobo | Zambia

I underwent a Robotic surgery at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, on Wednesday 23rd October, 2019 to remove a cancerous prostate. I was anticipating a large cut on my stomach, the pain that would go with it and the lengthy healing process. However, when I came round after surgery, I had only six (6) small incisions on the tummy.


flag-of-IndiaAshish Sharma | India

Dr Ashish Sabharwal is an outstanding doctor for prostate treatment . He is one of the best doctor. Most important the way he attend the patient and consultation. He operate my father & by God grace my father is perfectly fine & healthy. Highly recommend Dr Ashish for prostate cancer treatment.

flag-of-NigeriaSharon Ahuruonye | Nigeria

My name is Gabriel I am from Nigeria I wish to share my experience about Robotic surgery in this platform, the robotic process is simple and less painful. I wish to encourage individuals that are challenged by prostate cancer to reach out for the treatment. I am glad to be a beneficiary. I acknowledge the professionalisation,